teaTea, please.  I’m not a coffee drinker.  I do love coffee ice cream and the smell of coffee but I just can’t drink it.  I tried to like it.  Just not for me.

My day starts with a cup of tea.  Right now my favorite is green chai tea.


The first time I tasted it, it reminded me of Christmas.  In fact I told my friend that it smelled like Christmas.  Spicy.  Sweet.  Comforting.  I add half and half and sugar to it and sometimes a bit of this pumpkin pie liqueur instead of sugar.


My day ends with a cup of peppermint tea.


Hot water and tea.  Nothing more.  Soothing.  Calming.  Relaxing.

Alas…I receive no compensation from Stash Tea or Fulton’s Harvest Pumpkin Pie Cream Liqueur.

5 thoughts on “Tea

    • When I was going to college at Edinboro, they had ice cream squares/bricks for dessert for every meal. I’d put a half a square of ice cream in a cup and fill the rest with coffee. The cups were small so there was more ice cream than coffee but it was drinkable to me.

      Look at it this way – We will never fight over the last cup of coffee or tea bag. 😉

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  1. Coffee drinker here but I do appreciate a good cup of tea. Especially when I have a cold. Nothing makes me feel better but a hot cup of lemon herbal tea with honey.

    Have you ever tried Harney and Son brand tea? If not, I strong advise you to do so if you are ever in New York or find a tea house that serves it. There flagship store is in Millerton and we stop there every year when my crew and I go to Rhinebeck. Their tea is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!


    • OK, I did a quick search. Apparently there are a limited number of their teas sold at Wegmans (?). Not sure if you have one of those in your area.

      They also sell through their on-line store (https://www.harney.com/). I believe that they are currently running a promo where you get free shipping if you buy $25 or more in products.

      I am addicted to their SoHo Blend (Black tea with chocolate, coconut and vanilla flavors, and amaranth petals). Holy Horse, Patti! It taste like you are sipping a chocolate covered coconut Easter egg!

      I’m also fortunate that one of the tea rooms/shoppes not too far from me serves their tea and has the product for purchase. They have also recently set up a retail location in one of our malls.


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