A slow day

It’s a slow day at the office.

Most people took the day off to make an extended holiday weekend.  I didn’t.

The sun was shining when I left for work and it was already 70 degrees at 7:00 AM.

So wore these.


What I didn’t bring with me was one of these.


The view outside the office door.


Yes, that’s rain on the door.  And a big, black rain cloud.

The view of the parking lot.


And another one.


See it?


How about now?


I sure hope it clears up by the time I’m ready to leave….  Or it’s going to be a wet ride home.

2 thoughts on “A slow day

    • It cleared up and the sun was shining when it was time to leave for home. I had to pick up four things from the market. When I got out of the market, the sky didn’t look too promising. I hit a patch of rain but nothing serious until I got home and was safely in the garage. Then rain and thunder started. Mr. Aitch was on pins and needles waiting for me to get home.


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