Goodbye old friend

We had to say goodbye to an old friend this weekend.

Now before you get out the tissues, let me say that this goodbye wasn’t a person or a beloved pet but our trusty electric popcorn popper.


We had this popcorn popper for at least 15 years.  Maybe more.  We tried microwave popcorn but it always burned in our microwave.  Literally caught fire.  Twice.  I learned my lesson.

This wonderful popcorn popper had a rod that stirred the popcorn so it didn’t burn.  It made wonderful popcorn.  Until Saturday night.

The rod was stirring but there was no heat.  Popcorn doesn’t pop without heat.

Fortunately I had another hand-crank popper as a back-up.  The Whirley Pop.


Yes, ours is red.  I have a thing for red.  I bought this several years ago to make kettle corn and it saved the day, or night.  We still had freshly made, hot, buttery popcorn to eat while we watched a movie Saturday night.  Mr. Aitch and I thought it was the BEST popcorn we’ve had in a long time.

And it’s completely submersible.

Sorry Stir Crazy.

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