Seamless Slippers

Knitting Pattern For Seamless Slippers

Purple slippers

by Peggy Pignato with my changes to the stitch count

This seamless slipper pattern fits most adults. The actual size is determined by the length you knit. Since they have no seam, they are comfortable to wear.

It begins at the heel and is knit partially back and forth and partly in the round.

Bulky weight wool or two strands of worsted weight held together

 Size 8 US (5 mm) straight and double pointed needles

Gauge: 3.5 to 4 sts=1″

When slipping stitch, slip purlwise.

CO 2 sts.
Row 1: Slip 1, K1
Row 2: Slip 1, M1, K1 – 3 sts
Rows 3-5: Slip 1, knit across
Row 6: Slip 1, M1, knit to last st, M1, K1 – 5 sts
Rows 7-9: Slip 1, knit across
Row 10: Rep Row 6 – 7 sts
Rows 11-13: Slip 1, knit across
Row 14: Rep Row 6 – 9 sts
Rows 15-17: Slip 1, knit across
Row 18: Rep Row 6 – 11 sts

Rows 19-21: Slip 1, knit across
Row 22: Rep Row 6 – 13 sts

Change to double points but knit back and forth.
Pick up 11 sts along edge. Turn.
Slip 1, knit 23.
Pick up 11 sts along other edge – 35 sts
Next row (WS): K11, P1, K11, P1, K11
Row 2 (RS): Knit across

Rep these two rows for 4 to 5″ (half or a little less than half the finished foot length), Decreasing 1 st on last row – 34 sts. * * * * *
Count the number of ridges and make a note of it for your second slipper.

Join and begin knitting in the round.
K 1, P 1 rib for about 4 to 5″ (until 1″ less than finished length).
Make a note of how many rows you have worked for your second slipper.

Decrease rounds:
K2tog around.
Next 2 rounds: knit
Last round: K2tog around.

Cut yarn, leaving a tail, and draw it through all the remaining sts.
Make a second one to match.

 Add pop pom and sew on sole if desired.

* * * * * *For a more snug fit: decrease three stitches before beginning ribbing.

19 thoughts on “Seamless Slippers

  1. I really like the slippers, but i have a ton of knitting worsted to use up. Could these be knitted with two strands of kw or would that make them too big or too thick?


  2. Please could I ask what is M1 as in row 2 and row 6 as I cant follow the pattern as am a new knitter. thank you cheers heather


  3. I love this pattern, and specifically the fact that there are no seams. Very easy to follow pattern instructions.
    I just made a pair in red with a large pompom for Christmas.
    Thank you for sharing.


  4. I have made these in the past and love them. I am wondering why you modified the pattern from 29 to 35 stitches. Thank you for a wonderful pattern.


  5. MY grandmother made these slippers for all her grandchildren years ago – i never got the pattern and so happy to have found this one AND THEY WERE WARM same pattern granny made slippers in the 50’s , i’ll make now for my kids and grandkids, keep me real busy in the winter,


  6. These slippers are great. The question that I have is this:After row 22, Pick up 11 stitches along edge. Turn. What edge, right hand side or left hand side?


  7. what is meant by pick up 11 stitches along edge…..pick up and knitor slip from needle to double point…can u explain process please….i”m fairly new at thia’


  8. I’m confused. At row 22 I have a triangle. Then I pick up 11 and knit onto one needle so now I have a semi circle. .. correct? At this point I still am using only 2 needles and knitting flat?


    • You pick up the 11 stitches on another needle so you would have two needles with live stitches still in a triangle shape. Knit back across those new stitches, knit the original stitches, then pick up 11 more stitches on a third needle. It’s back and forth knitting but the shape makes it impossible to knit on one needle.

      Does that help?



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