2 questions

I started the Garter Stitch bag on Wednesday in a class taught at my LYS (local yarn store).  I decided to make the bag smaller than the sample (17 stitches instead of 25)  and I’m wondering if it will be too small.  That’s really beside the point.

The point is my color placement.

I have 7 of the 22 squares finished and I decided I wanted to add a shock of lime green to the muted ruby-red and charcoal grey.  Anyway, I’m thinking that having a green stripe in every square is not as shocking as say, just one or two stripes of green.

What do you think?

Second question (and I’ve already decided what I’m going to do):

See that arrow pointing to the space between the two squares?  That seam is thicker than any other seam.  Now, I’ve never felted anything before and don’t know if this make a difference in the finished product but I think I want to redo that seam.

What would you do?

Of course if I take out the green stripes in most of the squares, my second question will be answered.

7 thoughts on “2 questions

  1. Not really wild about the stripe of green. I think you should just use the two colors and every few squares throw in and extra row of the red or jet. Then think you should make the jet and green purse the same way and GIVE IT TO ME! Yup, that’s exactly what I think. Really.


  2. I love the stripe of green. I am behind on your blog and so I had to go back and look at a picture of what a completed bag looks like. I love it. Darn it something else I want to make. 🙂 Looks like a fun knit too!


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