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Another glass tragedy

In keeping with my recent theme I have another broken glass tragedy to share.

Remember a couple of weeks ago when it was International Cabernet Day?

I broke wine glasses.


As in two.

Fortunately no wine was harmed.


The first one broke as I was hand washing it.  The piece just broke off in my hand.  It didn’t draw blood.  And it didn’t even cut my rubber gloves.

The second glass broke when I put it in the dishwasher to drain (my dish drainer was full) and tried to push the upper rack into the dishwasher.  The glass was too tall.  I realized that fact as soon as I heard the tinkling of the shattering glass.

This is the reason why I buy inexpensive glasses.

Hederlig wine glass from IKEA

Hederlig wine glass from IKEA

A clearer view

I got shut off from the outside world on Monday.


It was just a temporary situation as two men came Wednesday to remove the broken glass.


I was surprised that they didn’t wear eye protection or gloves as they dismantled the glass shards.  I know I wouldn’t be handling anything like that without something covering my eyes or hands.  They didn’t have any idea why the glass broke either.  Settling building?  Temperature change?  My shoe?


The broken glass looked like diamonds.

When they finished removing all the glass, they taped over the edge to keep any remaining glass bits from falling out.


They said it will be more like 4-6 weeks for a replacement.


At least I can see outside again.


When I got to work today, the crackled glass was beginning to bulge.  Not a good sign.

The maintenance man came over and covered it with cardboard.


Word is that it will take 3-4 weeks to get the window replaced.

Seriously?  3-4 weeks?

Seems like everything in this building takes 3-4 weeks to get repaired.  According to the weather alarmists forecasters, we could have snow in 3-4 weeks.

At least the outer window pane is still intact.  For now.