Creative cookies

While at our daughter’s house, we baked cookies for Valentine’s Day.  Because of the mishap on Friday evening and E’s not feeling well on Saturday, we waited until Sunday, February 15, to bake and decorate cookies.  Mom and Dad were expected home on Monday so the cookies were a day fresher.

Cookies-1 copy

We used half of the recipe of Royal icing as we didn’t have a lot of cookies to decorate.

Cookies-2 copy

Red, pink, and white icing and red colored sugar.

Cookies-6 copy

I found these little squeeze bottles for the icing so the twins would have more control over their decorating.

Cookies-4 copy

Cookies-3 copy

I spread most of the cookies with a solid color and the twins decorated the tops.

Cookies-5 copy

You can never have too much icing.

Cookies-8 copy

For some reason the pink icing got a little too thin and was running everywhere.

Cookies-7 copy


When we finished up with all the cookies, we decorated animal crackers.

Cookies-9 copy

New knitters

I took some knitting to our daughter’s while she and her husband were out of town.  I always have great plans to knit and I usually end not knitting at all.  This time I took some seamless slippers to finish.

Our grandson was taking a nap, E wasn’t feeling well and was camped out on the couch with Mr. Aitch and Z. They were watching something on TV.  I sat down in a chair with my knitting.

“Nona, will you teach me how to knit?”

I only had four metal double-point needles with me so I transferred the live stitches from the slippers to some stitch holders and cast on 16 stitches for Z.


Wooden needles are better than metal ones when first learning to knit as the metal ones are very slippery and fall out.

After I got Z started, E wanted to learn.


Both did several stitches with a lot of help.  They even knit a row or two and some partial rows with much satisfaction.



After much “This is so hard” and “You knit faster than me because you’ve been doing it longer”, I finished knitting their coasters and gave them some yarn to weave through the bumps.





They liked the weaving much better than the knitting.


Coasters for hot chocolate.

Plus they appreciate how long it takes to knit something.


E’s Adventure

About 10 days ago Mr. Aitch and I were taking care of three of our grandchildren, two dogs and nine chickens while our daughter and her husband were out of town. Friday was pizza night and Mr. Aitch and I decided we would rather get “real” pizza than bake a frozen one.  Mr. Aitch stayed with two of the kids while one of the twins went with me. The following is a storybook written and drawn by the twin who stayed home.


We are going to get pizza.

I’m on the left driving and E is in the backseat.  For future reference I have an “N” above my head and E has an “E” above her head.


Evelyn threw up in Nona’s car.

Yes, I heard the unmistakable sound of, well, that while I was driving.  Not much I could do at that point. Fortunately we were already on our way home.

We went home.

We went home.

E is covered in stomach contents. Notice my sad face.

E-Adventure-1 The end.