Budding artists

When I was visiting our daughter last month, the twins each drew pictures for me.  I told them I would take them to my office and put them on the wall.


Which I did.


E’s picture was of her Lalaloopsy doll, Jewel.  I love the detail on her dress, the big button eyes, and the stitching for the mouth.


Z’s picture is of her (on the left) and me (on the right).  She asked me what I love and instead of picking one thing, I told her I loved knitting.  That’s my knitting in the big heart on the right.  The sky reminds me of Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night” painting with the different swirls of blue.

Do you take your kid’s grandkids’ art to work?  How do you display their art?

Birthday Wishes revisited

My Birthday Wishes friend, Leah, is in need of prayers.

Her father passed away unexpectedly Sunday evening.

I never met her father in person but felt as though I knew him just the same through stories she would tell of him and growing up in a house full of love, fun, good times and challenging times.

May God’s loving touch be with you, Leah, and your mother, Patsy, and siblings: Jessica, Rachel, TC, and Robert as you deal with your loss.

Peace be with you.


When I go to the market for my weekly food shopping, I usually shop by habit.  I know the layout of the market so it shouldn’t be rocket science to shop.

I choose things by shape, color, and/or place.  And that works 99% of the time.

Except when they change things around.

Case in point:


These two items were in the dairy case.  I grabbed what I thought was Half and Half.  Same color.  Same shape.  Same place.  Well, sort of.  They moved some of the dairy products around.

What I bought instead was Fat Free Lactose Free Milk.


Now here’s the funny thing.  Neither Mr. Aitch nor I realized that I bought the wrong thing and he used the Fat Free Lactose Free Milk in his coffee all last week and the week before (when I wasn’t home).  He thought there was something wrong with the coffee as it didn’t taste as rich.

I discovered the error of my ways and told him about it Friday evening.  He didn’t have coffee on Saturday or Sunday once he found out all we had in the house Fat Free Lactose Free Milk and not of Half and Half.

Would you have had your coffee anyway or gone without?